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How thirsty are you?
IN A SNAP: Neither still, nor sparkling, the most regenerative water is the one that refreshes the brain. It's essential but you can't find it in the market. It is precious but you won't buy it in jeweller's. Here is it, served to you.


People HAVE A THIRST FOR LEARNING. Each one of us, since our birth. Under the condition, however, that what we learn is useful; otherwise it is not worth the effort and time. But what is the definition of "useful"? That it leads to clear and practical advantages in life.

Now the question is: what benefits can management training bring? Simple: if you can COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY, you bring others to understand your point of view. If you know how to NEGOTIATE, you create advantages at every interaction, both for you and for the others. If you manage YOUR EMOTIONS, you master the stress and enjoy your life. If you build YOUR GOALS, you can better exploit time and have more space to do what is important to you. The logic behind is simple: when you learn, new ways open up for you, and this wider choice allows you to lead your life in the direction you want.

These skills are essential whether you are fifteen, thirty or seventy; companies know this well, and they spend every yearhuge amount of money for training their employees. Schools and universities, however, in most cases do not have this kind of money, which means that THIS KIND OF TRAINING IS NOT ACCESSIBLE to young people. Quite a shame.

Here comes into play UNREAL: as emotional training consultants, we have created an “Academy” area with the mission to bring this kind of training to universities in Italy and worldwide. COMPLETELY FOR FREE.

We do not ask for a single penny because what is important to us, really important, is to spread the culture of the investment on the person. Developing future players and leaders of this world is, for us, even more important than training the current ones.

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