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Do you feel ready?
IN A SNAP: Wanted: visionary people! Ready to challenge themselves and to open their minds to new ways of thinking.


WE ARE NOT READY FOR THIS. It seems we are notready as Italy, because, among all its qualities, it unfortunately has the disadvantage of not investing in youth as it would be appropriate.
It seems we are not ready as universities, where they often (thankfully not always) prefer a flow of frontal information rather than an interactive involvement, conveying sometimes too much (good) theory at the cost of too little (useful) practice.
It seems we are not ready as people, because if no one has explained how important relational competences are, we continue to believe that there is nothing to learn.

Thus HERE LAYS THE CHALLENGE: to penetrate into the university environment, where the minds are more open and not yet infected by schemes and limiting beliefs. We want to bring topics that can be applied to everyday life, so that it is clear to the participants the advantage that they can get from them.

If you like the idea we have introduced here in this website, this is already a link. If you want to bring this project to a university in your country, write us an email and tell us where and when.

[If you are a trainer with experience, energy and passion, and want to join us to multiply the impact of this challenge, feel free to contact us.]