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Let the journey begin...
IN A SNAP: Last night we had a dream: spreading the Academy worldwide. If you also like this dream, you are welcome to turn it into reality.


We started with a challenge, and if you read the "challenge" page you'll see what we mean. In 2012 we decided to create a project in MILAN BOCCONI, the most famous and prestigious university in Italy, and TORINO, what can be considered an open minded university. We created a partnership with AIESEC, the world's largest student-run organization, an international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential.

We designed the LEADERSHIP SEMINAR, a three days course dealing with communication, relational flexibility and teambuilding; the aim was to give a first overview on the managerial topics.

The Academy 2012 WENT BEYOND EXPECTATIONS, forcing us to double the number of training days, both in Turin and Milan. Students were so enthusiastic about what they had experienced that they started spreading the message to their friends and fellow mates.

This year we decided to RAISE THE LEVEL OF THE CHALLENGE, by adding one new city (Rome), by offering more courses in more days, by involving more trainers.

The results: we have five different types of courses, dealing with communication, negotiation, leadership and teambuilding. In addition, we decided to START WITH A KICK OFF, a 1 hour event to show all the students the added value of learning behavioral skills.

Within a few years we aim to reach the most important cities in Italy, in order to give this opportunity to the largest possible number of students. BUT THIS IS STILL NOT ENOUGH. We dream to go beyond the national borders and offer free training courses to students all over the world.

So WE ARE SEARCHING FOR UNIVERSITIES willing to welcome behavioral training courses for their students.

We have 15+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in training, our clients are the most important companies in Italy and abroad, we deliver in English language worldwide; and we would be happy to be invited to your University. If you wish to know more about us, please visit our B2B website www.unrealpro.com.

WE DON'T WANT MONEY, we are not doing it for a business purpose. All what we need is to have transportation and accomodation covered.

We can provide courses based on real students' needs, as we are doing here in Italy. Just imagine 20 years old students attending courses of:
Effective communication
Public Speaking

...and all what can be useful for them, both in their future business career and in their private life.

Should you have any questions to ask, or should you be interested in our project, feel free to contact us, we are here to listen to you.