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''How'' more than ''What''.
IN A SNAP: Newton had a headache, and from that we draw inspiration, because if we think as he did, we can achieve victory.


Do you remember the English gentleman SIR ISAAC NEWTON? It is told that in 1666 he was sitting under an apple tree in his estate at Woolsthorpe when an apple fell on his head. Thirteen years later he developed the gravity theory; thanks to it today it is possible to reach the Moon and Mars, or simply the great aunt who lives in Bolivia.

All of this BECAUSE OF AN APPLE? Perhaps. The fall of the apple represented the first step of a learning process. What Sir Isaac did, and this is the important point, was to build upon what had just happened.

The methodology of our courses works more or less in the same way. The initial experience is almost always a METAPHORICAL EXERCISE: an exercise that has seemingly nothing to do with the topics discussed. The reason? The metaphor has the great virtue of bringing out thoughts and behaviors from the people, precisely what we are trying to get during the training courses.

There is a reason behind this choice: if it is true that people change only if it’s beneficial for them, then it is true that the task of a trainer is not so much to pass content to the participants, as in to SELL IT TO THEM, that means making them understand what they can gain by putting it into practice. The best way to understand it? Testing it on your own skin.

The style that we propose to you is the same used with national and multinational companies, when we work with them on communication skills, leadership, organization and teambuilding.

By the way, the story of the apple is most likely false. But the good news is that it doesn't matter, because this metaphor (whether is it true or false) has led us to see the world from a completely different and renovated point of view.